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Buy Used Pianos in Santa Clara, San Jose & San Mateo, CA

Peninsula Piano Brokers offers a huge selection of used pianos that is always expanding. Our current collection includes the following:

Steinway Model 1098 "Crown Jewel" Studio

Only 15 years old, but looks and plays like new! Priced at 1/2 list price of a new 1098, and it has a Pianomation player attached so it will still play for you!! Hurry, this one won't last!

1892 Steinway

Antique Steinway beauty! $5,888

1970 Mason & Hamlin BB 7' Grand

Awesome power emanates from this "battleship of pianos." It sounds like a 9' concert grand because it's built like no other piano. This one would be great for any church or public music venue!

Wurlitzer Butterfly Petite Grand

Very special Art Deco Wurlitzer "Butterfly" petite grand. This piano is the essence of or motto; we specialize in interesting pianos!

Baldwin Acrosonic

Nice!! Early American style Baldwin Acrosonic. Excellent condition! $1,695

Rieger-Kloss 49" Studio

Perfect! Just like new! This piano was hand-made in the Czech Republic at the Bohemia piano factory. We were the #1 dealer in America for Bohemia pianos 7 years running. Unfortionately they are no longer in production and we miss them! Great music for the price!

Schimmel Louis Seize Studio

A German "stunner!" This absolutely beautiful Schimmel Louis Seize studio is in perfect condition. The quality of music that comes comes out of this piano totally equals the exquisite cabinetry. A piece of art!! Hurry in to see and hear this treasure, it will sell quickly! Priced at less than 50% of any new Schimmel upright.

Weber Duo Art Grand

It’s getting harder and harder to find a Duo-Art Player, the "King" of the older player pianos. A true computer of its day, the player reproduces the expression the pianist performed in the music. Built in 1918, this piano’s past players include George Gershwin and other fine artists. Complete with a beautiful refinished case; this is a $5,000 treasure.

Used Pianos San Jose, CA

Rare Mason & Hamlin 5'8" Rosewood

4 years old but used only by the owner of PPB! Save 40% from list price!! Truly one of the great pianos of the world. Handmade in Haverhill Mass.

Schulze Pollman Studio with Piano Disc Player System

Beatiful Peacock Ebony. Even if you don't play, this piano will entertain you with both your eyes and your ears!

Used Pianos Santa Clara, CA

Pianola 64 Note

ANOTHER RARE FIND!! Pianola 64 Note "apartment-sized" real player piano. Plays great, sounds great and you get great exercise pumping it! Many rolls included! Lots of fun for $1,895.00

Used Pianos San Jose, CA

Chickering French Provincial Baby Grand

Cute!! Chickering French Provincial Baby Grand. Beautiful fruitwood finish. Like new! Only $6,888!

Yamaha C3

Yamaha C3 Conservatory Model grand. Consignment sale from local owner who bought it new here on the peninsula.

1920s Mason & Hamlin Model A

Outstanding mid 1920’s vintage in super condition. Plays absolutely beautifully! Priced less than ½ of a new one. $14,888

1913 Mason & Hamlin AA

Until recently this 6'2" model has been out of construction, making it a harder to find instrument. This piano was re-built in the mid 1990’s in Boston. Incredible big sound. $1,495

Kawai KG-5C American Walnut

Perfect in many ways. Even the price is irresistible! $9,988

Used Pianos San Jose, CA

Steinway 7'4"

"Oh My!" describes this wonderful investment very well. Built in 1871, this cabinet is gorgeous Brazilian Rosewood and musically the piano has recently been re-built (new strings, hammers, etc.). An Absolute Treasure!

Used Pianos San Jose, CA
Used Pianos San Mateo, CA
Used Pianos San Mateo, CA

Yamaha G-2

This is one of Yamaha's most popular models. If we told you this was a brand new piano, by its appearance and playability, you'd believe us. And it’s even priced right.
Used Pianos San Jose, CA

1923 Everett 6'1" Parlor Grand

We sell Everett pianos from Boston “sleeper deals: because they were of the finest quality of American-built instruments priced well below their real music value. Set an Everett next to a Steinway and for a fraction of the price of a Steinway, you get the same quality of music! $6,988

Schimmel 118T

Made in Germany with German perfection. Like new condition. Grand music in upright space!

1950's Steinway Sheridan Console

Beautiful walnut finish and real ivory keys. A little treasure. $6,888

Sohmer Model 45 Studio/Console

This piano is one of the last Sohmers produced in America in 1989. Exquisite cherrywood finish. Truly one of the best upright pianos ever made! Come in and we'll show you why we say that!

Yamaha U-1*U-2*U-3*UX

We have a great selection of totally reconditioned used Yamaha uprights. They look, play and sound just like new! Save lots of money!

Warehouse Grand Piano Liquidation Sale!

In our warehouse we have approximately 20 used grand pianos that we must liquidate ASAP!! They are all petite (4'8"), baby (5'-5'6"), and parlor grands (5'7"-6'0"). Prices are all "give-away" prices from $500-$2900. There are brand names such as Baldwin, Kimball, Chickering and more. They all play well and will be tuned. They all represent the best music for the dollar. Absolutely super bargains!! Hurry, at these prices they won't last long. 1st come, 1st served!!!

To find out more about our available used pianos, call (650) 492-4220 today!

Special Notice: Peninsula Piano Brokers' opinion on so-called "Grey Market" Yamaha Pianos-

Peninsula Piano Brokers has proudly sold quality used Yamaha pianos for nearly 20 years, long before pre-owned Yamahas were referred to as "Grey Market" pianos! We always thoroughly inspect all used pianos and re-condition them if necessary. Moreover, we extend a 5-year parts and labor guarantee with each used Yamaha piano along with our 5-year full trade-in policy. We have never experienced any serious problems with any of the hundreds of "Grey Market" Yamaha pianos that we have sold over the years. As long as they are available, we will continue to market used Yamaha pianos, as we feel they present a very good value purchase for our customers.
- Greg Wurm

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