New Pianos

New Pianos  in Santa Clara, San Jose & San Mateo, CA

Our line of brand new pianos includes pianos from across the world and American pianos, too. We are proud to offer beautiful new Baldwin pianos and so much more. Whether you're looking for a new grand piano or a new upright piano, there is no better place to visit in the Palo Alto, CA area. 

Learn more about some of our piano brands: 

Mason & Hamlin: Founded in Boston, MA in 1854 by Henry Mason, only a few hundred of these pianos are produced each year. They are famous for their great tone and soundboard that has been consistent for centuries and were the instrument of choice for Maurice Ravel and Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Baldwin: Founded near Cincinnati, OH in 1862 by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, they are known for their touch, tone and durability. New Baldwin pianos are among the finest pianos found anywhere, and the piano of choice for many famous artists, including Aaron Copland, Ben Folds, Dave Brubeck, Liberace, Marian McPartland, and Miley Cyrus.

Call us about our latest inventory and prices on new grand pianos!

Sejung: This Korean-based company was established in 1974, and these affordable pianos are a popular choice among student pianists. 

Heintzman: Founded in Toronto in 1966, these pianos are known as the “Steinways of the North.” We carry a small selection of new Heintzmans here in the Bay area. In addition, we do offer used Steinway pianos for sale.

Digital Pianos: At Peninsula Piano Brokers, we carry a wide variety of digital pianos that are available for purchase or piano rental. We proudly represent the Kawai Digital Piano line, among other manufacturers. 

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