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"This year, I had the most wonderful experience with Greg and Peninsula Piano Brokers.

I am a choir teacher in the area and had just received a grant for a new piano. We had limited funds and Greg included everything he could at the highest possible quality for the price we could afford. Not only did we get a new and beautiful piano for our classroom in great condition, we got an artist's bench, dolly, piano tuning, and piano wax all included in the already low price. Above all, Greg was a delight to work with and his efforts have made all of the difference in the musical success of our choir program.

I will be going to Peninsula Piano Brokers for all of my piano needs! They value their customers, music education, and the art of music and the joy it brings."
★★★★★ - Monica C., via Yelp

"I've been a customer of Peninsula for more than 16 years.

When I moved to the Bay Area, I missed my piano, so I looked for a place where I could rent a piano. I found Peninsula.

I could have easily rented any of many upright pianos, but while browsing, I came across a nine-foot Victorian-era concert grand piano. It was huge, and I liked it. Greg noticed my interest in it, and promised he could make me a very good deal on it. I hadn't really considered buying a piano, much less a grand piano, much less a nine-foot concert grand piano, but the idea intrigued me.

I hired a Piano Technician's Guild technician to inspect and appraise the piano for me. Based on his report, I gave serious consideration to buying this piano, but I was renting a house at the time and I was worried I might buy a house or a condo where it wouldn't fit. I talked to Greg about my misgivings. Greg worked out a plan where I could rent the piano and put part of the rental towards purchasing it. He addressed my worries by giving me the rental credit towards either that piano, or any other piano he had, or any other piano he could get. --Then he made me a deal on the price that just couldn't be beat. I rented it, and a year later I bought it and moved it to my new home that I bought with the piano's size in mind.

Since then I've visited Greg's shop countless times, and I've used one of his recommended technicians for all my piano's tunings and repairs. I've sent family and friends here, including a friend from Maine who bought a Steinway concert grand piano here and shipped it back to the east coast.

A couple years ago I had my piano completely restored, and Greg helped me locate a rebuilder, and set me up with a replacement piano while mine was out for rebuilding.

Greg keeps in stock an array of very unique, historic instruments. I've found Greg to be an honest, reputable man of his word, easy to work with, and genuinely passionate about quality pianos. I'm very happy to give Peninsula Piano Brokers a well-deserved five-star review."
★★★★★ - B. B., via Yelp

"I rented an older Wurlitzer piano from Peninsula Pianos for about a year. It was very convenient, and my objective was to see if I would really get back into playing piano before committing to buying a piano of my own. When I originally rented the piano, I was told that I could put the first year's rental costs toward the purchase of a piano after a year.

When I came back after a year to buy a piano, Greg (the owner) was extremely helpful and really helped me find the piano that was right for me. I had gone in there thinking I wanted to look at Yamaha uprights, but he steered me in the direction of a beautiful Everett Chapel Oak piano in excellent condition that was less money and actually in my opinion, had a much crisper sound and prettier tone. I ended up buying the Everett, and amazingly enough, I signed the papers, made the down payment (convenient payment plans too!) and the piano was delivered approximately 1.5 hours later! It came with a free delivery, complimentary tuning and a very good guarantee. I am so happy with it."
★★★★★ - Fran C., via Yelp

"I've rented a piano, for my children, from PPB for years. Greg, the owner, is, friendly, knowledgable and a terrific musician. I recently brought a friend to PPB who wanted to buy a piano for his home. Greg listened and was able to find several pianos the fit my friend's budget. No hard sell, just friendly, knowledgable, professional service. Thanks for helping to bring music into my home!"
★★★★★ - Adam R., via Yelp

"I have a used piano from Peninsula Piano Brokers. The owner-Greg was very helpful and help me pick a piano that suited my needs."
★★★★★ - Gail M., via Yelp

"Greg was very patient with me in showing me the different inventory he had. His store has a wide variety of pianos in a large price range, so it'd be hard not to find something that'd suit your needs. He sold me my piano at a very reasonable price and also helped me find movers to move the piano."
★★★★★ - Meher K., via Yelp

"I rented an older Yamaha piano from PPB. Greg - owner was very nice and kind to me. I love the place and staff.
I wonder why people wrote these rude reviews?
Just saying "thanks" to Greg and all!"
★★★★★ - Eteri K., via Yelp

"I was sent here by my daughter's piano teacher when we needed to rent a piano. Turns out our small keyboard was not sufficient - I was holding off because I was concerned it would be expensive, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Their rental fees were very reasonable (plus they include free tuning!) and when the time came to buy a piano we were allowed to credit ALL of our rental payments toward purchase. That was a very nice deal, considering other piano stores told me they only credited half, at most, and only for a limited amount of time.

So after renting for about a year, we started looking into buying. I went back to PPB the other day and Kathie (very nice lady) showed us pianos that were much lower price than we expected - apparently a lot of the fly-by-night piano making companies got wiped out by the recession. Kathie seems to know a lot about the entire industry, and she is very direct and generous - she is willing to share her considerable knowledge. In fact, it was Kathie who referred us to my daughter's current piano teacher, which has been a major help. Kathie has been a really great resource for us and we are grateful. Without her we would have stayed with the piano teacher who made our daughter hate lessons, and by now she would have quit for sure - so all of the success that has come since we changed teachers has been because of her.

Anyway, Kathie is great and we can't wait to get our new piano!!"
★★★★★ - Antonia M., via Yelp

"These guys treated me with great respect and made it easy for me to find the right rental piano. They were very friendly throughout the whole process and made it all go smoothly. I'll definitely be going back here for any and all piano needs."
★★★★★ - A Google User, via Google+

"We got a very fine used grand piano (Mason & Hamlin) from Greg Wurm, the owner of PPB. Greg spent a lot of time with us, and helped with all the details for shipping out of state. We couldn't have been more pleased."
★★★★★ - A Google User, via Google+

"I bought a Digital piano from them. They were helpful and knowledgeable and even included a bench. These guys are great."
★★★★★ - John C., Google+

"Great piano store professional service Quality Piano."
★★★★★ - Michael D., via Google+

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